Network: Moorland View Cottage
Password: milk1sugar 


  • Please mop up stains immediately, especially on the sofa and rug as these are expensive items to replace. If in doubt, there is a throw for the sofa in the living room cupboard.

  • Please handwash the coffee grinder, Aeropress and kitchen knives in warm water. Do not put them through the dishwasher.

  • Please only burn paper and wood on the fire.

  • Please take extra care with candles as a fire in a thatched property spreads quickly. Call 999 immediately if a fire breaks out. There are fire extinguishers in the kitchen, living room, hallway and landing.

Suzy (owner)                                               07786 264865
Moorland View landline                           01647 440179
Bovey Castle                                               01647 445000
Taxis                                                               01647 441143, 279008 or 433219
Moreton Tourist Information                 01647 440043
Police, fire, ambulance                              999
Devon doctors (out of hours)                 111
Minor injuries unit (Newton Abbot)     01626 324500
Minor injuries unit (Okehampton)        01837 658000

Things to do
There are suggestions for local things to do in our Experiences pages.


Bovey Castle Hotel

Bovey Castle membership
As a guest of Moorland View, you have complimentary membership of Bovey Castle, with up to 25% off food, drink and spa treatments. The membership card is in the wallet on the desk upstairs. Show it on entry and whenever you pay for anything. There are swimming towels in the changing rooms, but no lockers. Details on how to walk to the castle are in the folder on the desk on the landing. To drive, head out of North Bovey towards Moretonhampstead and take the second lane on the left, just as the road bends to the right.  At the end of this single-track lane, turn left onto the main road. Bovey Castle is on the left. Use of the following is complimentary: swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, gym, tennis courts (coaching available), croquet and boules, badminton, table tennis and snooker. Pay-for activities include: 18-hole championship golf course, fly fishing, cricket nets, archery and air rifles, art master classes, cider and sloe gin making, clay pigeon shooting, hot air ballooning, off-roading, picnic boat, quad biking, rock climbing, abseiling, deer stalking and game shooting. To book, call 01647 445000 or Loss of the Bovey Castle membership card will be charged at £20. 

Getting to Bovey Castle - by car (5 mins)

Heading out of the village in the direction of Moretonhampstead, take the second left (where the road bends sharply to the right). At the end of the track, turn left onto the main Princetown road. Bovey Castle is along here, on the left-hand side.

Getting to Bovey Castle - on foot (20 mins)

Go through the churchyard. At the bottom of the hill, turn left over Blackaller Bridge. Halfway across this bridge step over the bridge wall on the right to pick up the footpath. Keep following this all the way to the castle (the river will be on your right).  After about 15 minutes, you’ll come to the edge of the woods. Instead of following the path to the left, go straight straight on across Bovey Castle’s golf course (wait if there are golfers) and up the hill to Bovey Castle.  

We provide freshly-roasted coffee beans (caffeinated and decaf) from Exeter roasters Crankhouse Coffee, as well ready-ground and instant coffee. You’ll find a hand-crank Firlar burr grinder in a hessian bag the kitchen drawer. To use, unscrew the top section, load your coffee beans, replace, lock in the handle and turn. Your freshly-ground coffee will fall into the bottom section with the window. You can adjust the coarseness of your grind by turning the black knob inside the bottom section (tighten for fine; loosen for course; midway is perfect for both the cafetière and Aeropress). To clean the grinder, simply brush out the coffee using the brush provided, and for the Aeropress, just pop out the bottom. Please do not put the grinder or Aeropress through the dishwasher as it will melt the plastic. The optimum brew time for a cafetière is four minutes. There are instructions for using the Aeropress in the box, or watch this Aeropress instructional video.

His and hers’ mountain bikes, helmets and combination locks are in the black shed down the alleyway beside the parking place/bins, by the back door. It’s NOT the shed behind the trellis in the garden! The key for the shed is on your key chain. The code for the bikes’ combination locks is 02420. There’s a guide to Dartmoor mountain bike routes in the living room.

Log-burning stove
To lay a fire, scrunch up 4/5 sheets of newspaper with a couple of firelighters. Pile kindling in a tent shape on top of the newspaper, then add two small logs, again in a tent shape above the kindling. Light, then close the doors. The stove can be used with the doors open or closed, but we recommend keeping the doors closed when first lighting the fire to get the heat up. The vents on the side of the doors can be opened to increase the intensity of the fire, or closed to ‘simmer’ it and make it last longer. Always use the fireguard and please only burn paper and wood in the fire - nothing else. At night, please close the doors and vents. Please don’t allow the fire to smoulder it causes dangerous tar build-up in our chimney. Get the flames going by using the bellows, adding another log, then closing the doors. If you require more logs, a top-up is £40. Please give us 24 hours notice if you require this. The logs in the bedroom are for decoration only. 

Sonos music system
Click the Sonos app on the iPad and choose tracks on Spotify. You can play the same song in all rooms by ‘grouping’ the rooms, or play different songs in each room by selecting the rooms individually. You can also control the music via the Sonos controllers in both of the bedrooms. Clear the queue to avoid previous guests’ tracks being played after yours.

The television is behind the cupboard doors, to the right of the fireplace. The remote controls are on the television shelf. The TV is on a bracket; you can pull it out and tilt it to your liking. The doors slide back into the cupboard. To operate the TV:

The Gear icon. If channels don’t come up, press this, then select HDMI1.

The Gear icon. If channels don’t come up, press this, then select HDMI1.

  1. Open the door underneath the television to access the Freesat box, DVD player and DVD library.

  2. Press the red power button on the LG remote control to turn on the television. This remote control is only needed for turning the television on and off.

  3. On the Freesat remote control, press the green power button. A blue light should appear under the Freesat box. 

  4. On the Freesat remote, press ‘TV GUIDE’ to show forthcoming programmes (you can record these if you wish). Press ‘Home’ for On Demand /Catch Up services and Netflix.

    Troubleshooting: If you can’t get a picture, press the gear/settings icon on the LG remote control (as indicated, right). Select HDMI1. This should bring up the programmes. 

You’re welcome to use the landline phone; please leave money for calls in the honesty box in the living room. The cottage’s phone number is 01647 440179.

Hot water
Water is heated twice a day in an immersion tank, which gives enough hot water for 2-4 showers or one bath, morning and evening. If you require extra hot water, press the boost switch on the Hot Water Control unit in the cupboard in the kitchen to the left of the door as you go in. 

Central heating
The central heating system is controlled by the thermostat on the landing. The current room temperature is displayed in the window. Simply turn the dial to your desired temperature. The display will revert back to the current room temperature, but will soon warm to your desired temperature. Avoid pressing the Set button as this will permanently set the temperature in the cottage to (14℃).

Please call 999 no matter how small the fire; a thatch fire spreads very quickly. There’s an extinguisher at the bottom of the stairs and on the landing, and there’s a fire blanket in the kitchen. 

Please mop up spills immediately, as you will be charged for professional cleaning or replacement if necessary. In case of serious spills, please let Suzy know straight away so it can be cleaned before it stains. 

Swimming towels
Four towels for beach/ river swimming are in the understairs cupboard. Bovey Castle has its own pool towels. 

In the main bedroom, this in the chest of drawers. In the second bedroom, it’s in the wardrobe.

Black-out blinds
There are black-out blinds for the master bedroom in the chest of drawers. Simply pin them onto the hooks above the blind.

The toiletries are for you to enjoy during your stay. Bottles removed from the property will be charged at £15 per bottle. 

First aid
There is a first-aid box in the understairs cupboard. For anything serious, call 999.

Instruction manuals
These are in the right-hand drawer of the chest in the living room.

Please leave milk and Devonia water bottles in the cottage for collection.  Recycling is signed.

All kitchen crockery, including the pie and casserole dishes, are oven, hob and dishwasher-safe. We request that the kitchen knives, wooden spoons, cafetière and Aeropress are hand-washed. 

Oven and grill
Set temperature with the left-hand dial. The oven door should be kept closed when grilling. 

Screenshot 2019-03-30 at 19.54.06.png

Washer dryer
This is the cupboard under the stairs. Powder goes in the left-hand drawer, conditioner in middle; pre-wash in the right. There’s a wooden clothes airer by the machine if you want to dry clothes naturally. 

Put a detergent tablet in hole under grey flap inside door. Close flap. On top of the dishwasher door, press round black button on left once to choose programme. We recommend the ‘eco’ cycle. Close the door and the machine will start.

Outdoor seat cushions
You’ll find cushions for the patio chairs in the wardrobe in the back bedroom.

Doors and windows need to be locked manually. We are not responsible for theft of your personal possessions.

The closest petrol stations are at Whiddon Down (EX20 2QT) and Heathfield, near Bovey Tracey (TQ12 6SJ). Both are a 15 minute drive away. Heathfield services has a small M&S.

Cash point
There is a cashpoint by the Co-op in Moretonhampstead.

Guest survey

If you have time, please complete our five-second survey about your stay below.

Check out
We would appreciate it if you leave wipe kitchen surfaces and do your washing up before you leave, please. Check out is 11am. Please lock up and return the keys to the key safe. You’ll need to re-enter the code to open it again. If you have trouble with the key safe, leave the keys in the postbox.

Please contact Suzy on 07786 264865.

Enjoy your stay!

Suzy x