We love furry friends here at Moorland View, but please only bring your pooch if the following applies:

1. Your dog is aged over one year and fully housetrained. 

2. You will bring only one dog unless otherwise agreed by Suzy, Moorland View’s owner.

3. You agree to pay a £40 supplement and a refundable £600 damage deposit to cover any damage caused. You agree to pay any charges for repair due to pet stains and/or damage, as determined within the discretion of Moorland View.

We also ask that you adhere to the following:

1. You keep the sofa covered with the blanket provided.

2. You do not allow your dog on the beds.

3. You clean up after your dog in the garden.  

4. You inform us of any damage caused by your dog.

By booking with us, you agree to the above. 



  • The garden is fairly secure, but there are low walls so we can't guarantee your dog will not be able to escape.

  • There's a hosepipe in the alleyway for washing off your dog. Dog towels are provided (and a river at the bottom of the hill)

  • Sheep, cattle and wild horses graze on Dartmoor. Please keep your dog on a lead if they are likely to chase livestock. Farmers are legally entitled to shoot dogs if their animals are disturbed. If you'd like suggestions for dog walks where there are no livestock, just ask.