Eco-Friendly Holiday Cottage Breaks

Our eco-friendly ethos means Moorland View Cottage a guilt-free, green cottage break. Here’s what we’re doing to protect the environment.

The Ultimate Love Nest
— Bella Magazine

Naturally insulating thatched roof

Renewable energy

100% of our energy comes from renewable sources

Waste recylcing

Our council, Teignbridge, has a progressive attitude to recycling, processing 95% of our waste for recycling , including plastic cartons.

Sustainable firewood

Our firewood comes mainly from fallen trees and the rest is from sustainable sources

Carbon offsetting

To offset the carbon produced by burning firewood, we make an annual contribution to Moor Trees, a charity that plants native trees on Dartmoor. This accounts for more than double our carbon use.

Bee-friendly garden

Our neighbour is a beekeeper who keeps his hives by the river.

Organic pest control

We have bee hives in our village,

Low food miles

Eco-friendly household cleaners

We use eco-friendly cleaning materials as far as possible.

Low plastic use