Cosy Cottages For Winter Breaks

Moorland View is ranked one of the UK’s cosiest holiday cottages for romantic winter breaks. Here are ten reasons why you should visit in the off-season. By Suzy Bennett

Moorland View Cottage in the snow

Moorland View Cottage in the snow

  1. Dartmoor does winter properly. Not for us mild, wishy-washy days. Here, winters are cold and crisp, with soft sun, and clean, fresh air that makes your skin tingle and your cheeks turn a sexy blush-pink.

  2. Some of the UK’s most epic winter walks are on the cottage’s doorstep. Wrap up in cosy knits and explore open moors, forested glades, granite-topped tors and ancient forests.

  3. Our cottage has the biggest, most luxurious bath tub known to man, perfect for soothing aching limbs after all those blustery walks.

  4. The cottage has a cosy log burning stove, which can be used with the doors open (for crackle) or shut (for extra warmth). Cuddle up together in a sofa bundle while the cruel wind whistles outside. Firewood and marshmallows for toasting provided.

  5. Our thatched village pub, The Ring of Bells, is the cosiest you’ll ever visit, with wood-beamed walls, romantic log-burning stoves, friendly locals and fabulous food.

  6. It’s cheaper! Prices in the winter start at just £130, making a romantic countryside break affordable, even on a tight budget.

  7. There’s a chance of getting snowed in and pretending you’re Cameron Diaz and Jude Law in The Holiday. Villagers take to the slopes on sledges, trays and bin bags (the later is not recommended), then hole up in the pub afterwards. Delicious.

  8. You’ll have the countryside to yourself. Dartmoor and Dartmoor get crowded in summer, with lanes, beaches and car parks jammed with traffic and pesky tourists. Not so in winter, when you’ll have the entire county to yourselves.

  9. You get to see branches. Sounds weird, but isn’t. When denuded of their leaves, trees reveal their wonderfully gnarly sculptural bones, dripping with moss and colourful, crusty lichen. Ancient dwarf oak woodland, Wistman’s Wood, is especially atmospheric at this time of year.

  10. Finally, the stars; oh my goodness, those stars! There’s no light pollution here, so on clear, cold nights, the Milky Way is clearly visible.


Moorland View is featured in AOL’s Best Cosy Cottages for Winter Breaks